DACSA has entrenched an innovative culture, values, habits and practices. It is driven at the highest level and is shared by all workers.

Innovation is a complex process that is characterized by its transversability. It affects different departments of the company: design, marketing, planning, production, quality, commercial and administration.

We are a company that is constantly innovating is why we have the latest technology so that your product can look unique and top quality.

In the variety of innovations work in:

Flexible Packaging

In Mold


Collapsible Tubes


Static Label

Heat Seal

Lenticular Image

Special Tags

The evolution in the design of the labels has resulted in innovative solutions that differentiate the package or extend the information provided to the user.

  • Printing Braille: are printed with ease braille which are necessary in case of toxic products.
  • Tag translucent. In a transparent container label is applied with transparencies that allow you to view print back through the content. On the outer side, traditional messages appears.
  • Tag without appearance. By including the sticker on a package of very smooth walls on transparent film (PET, PP or PE) so that the message appears screenprinted on the package. Hologram. Currently, it is common hologram printing on labels.
  • Labels Scratch and Sniff. Today, aromatic inks can be applied to the design of the labels.
  • Reflective Labels. is made of a composite microspheres does that reflect light when given directly. They are used in safety clothing or ads on roads.
  • Embossing Labels: have highlighted done mechanically and are mainly used to give an elegant effect to the label.
    Thermochromatic labels: Through thermochromic inks, can detect if the container has exceeded a certain level of temperature. Thus, a color change occurs or a message is displayed when the temperature changes. They are useful to detect breaks in the cold chain or heating in heat sensitive products.
  • Screen Printing Labels: Effects of high relief with different inks to highlight embodied in the sticker design.
  • Print with Foil: metallic colors that do not give inks are achieved. Holographic.
  • Effects Metallic: is printed directly on the substrate and printed on a white background to give the appearance of metal.
  • Gloss Varnish: has great grip and durability. Excellent transparency, waterproof and gives protection to any material already printed.
  • Layer Mate: has the same features of gloss varnish except the matte finish. It is fast drying and can be applied to any sticker.
  • Glow in the Dark: is printed on special material that glows in the dark.