Shrink Sleeves

These tags can be used in plastic, glass, aluminum cans, etc., giving excellent image to the product through a high gloss material, which can be printed with images and text at 360 degrees; which maximizes branding and “facing”, facilitating the segmentation of the product to a particular target audience.

In this way, a clear differentiation over competing products is achieved, and they also have the ability to contract to just over 70%, fitting the curves of each package.

360 degrees image

The benefits of using shrink sleeves are the following:

  • It increases image and presence of brands
  • Differentiates the product from the competition
  • They adapt to the container, to its curves and form
  • Maximizes the space for graphics, text or images
  • Creates value to the brand, company and consumer
  • Facilitates branding
  • Gondola product success and increases sales