¿What is RFID-EPC?

RFID means Radio Frequency Identification, and is the data collection technology that uses radio waves to capture “hidden” data on a label. The label or Tag is generally thin as paper, has a micro chip and a micro antenna that allows the tag to retransmit the data stored inside. One of the main features of this amazing technology is that it doesn’t requires that the label or tag to be seen to read the information contained therein. A chip of 96 bits, allowing each tag possesses a unique and unrepeatable code.

Once the antenna receives data tags a reader interprets the information and it is sent to a computer which processes the information to be used well in a system or network (WMS, POS, etc).

The many advantages of this technology are not only represented by their ability to collect data remotely without directly readable, but also the ability to “read” labels simultaneously. In this way applications can differ significantly from the current and limited making processes barcode information.

There are different frequencies, types of tags, antennas, communication protocols and software for every application where you want to use RFID.

RFID Applications is open ID technology easy to use. Its main applications are:
Deposits & Distribution Centers, Logistics, Traceability, Ind. Agricultural, Leisure Centres, Hospitals, Products, Pharmaceutical Ind., Restricted Access, Retail, Archives, Museums, Libraries, Shows, Marketing, Traffic Control, Universities, ePassports and Automatic Collection data in Gral., etc.

Benefits for your company

RFID can optimize resources and maximize results in the general processes of data collection and subsequent processing. The advantages are perceived in the identification, traceability and security products.

The Electronic Product Code (EPC. Electronic Product Code) is a unique number that identifies a specific item in the supply chain and maintains a standard structure. Once the EPC tag is recovered, it can be associated with dynamic data such as the place where an article or date of production originated.