The consumer decides what to buy when you are in front of the product, and then all you see is the label, box, container presenting it.

A good packaging is perhaps the most enduring element that makes the brand image of a product. Aspects such as the functional, the Reusable it and attractive design are essential for the container becomes a valuable addition to the final product.

Types of packaging

Basically, the type of packaging depends on the product and distribution. Sometimes it is convenient to classify packages by the “layer” or function: “primary”, “secondary”, etc.

Primary Packaging:

This is the packaging that first envelops the product and holds it. Usually the smallest considering the products sold or used by unit. This first envelope has direct contact with the product.

Secondary Packaging:

Is that surrounds the primary packaging, for example, to group a set of units for sale or distribution.

Tertiary Packaging:

Is the one that groups a set of secondary boxes for bulk handling, storage and transport by land, sea or air. The most common form of this type of packaging is palletizing or containerization.

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